Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bone and Joint Health - Helpful tips

Almost one in three of them were suffering from chronic bone and joint pain.

Here are few of the helpful tips for bone and joint health.

1. Try to reduce the weight - You know extra body weights can cause strain on our joints especially in the knee portion. Losing a minimum of 10 pounds of body weight can help you in reducing the pain.

2. Stretch Prior to Exercising - Every day people used to go to Gym for exercising and for work outs. Before you need to start heavy workouts, they need to stretch and warm up the tendons. Since body building and weight lifting can cause problems on tendons.

3. Warm up - Every day warm up must be done in order to make muscles loosen up and works better.

4. Change your exercise - Instead of going for kick boxing, it is better to practice Yoga and other water based exercise.

5. Try avoiding over exercise - Our muscles, tendons, ligaments and other muscles needs rest and if we do heavy work outs then these may loose their strengthen and will cause problems.

6. Change your positions - If you are going to work continuously in the same place and you need to change your position. Getting up from that place and have a little walk will help you in keeping your bodies in shape.

7. Shoe evaluation - Practice yourself in using proper footwear in order to avoid the bone and joint health. Most of the women were wearing high heals and these people tends to have bone and joint pain in their early age itself. Try to use comfort shoes and the doctors recommend as well.

Hope people love this article on bone and joint and the helpful tips from me.

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