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Health Tips for Men

Best Health Tips for Men
Today i am going to post some good health tips for men, that needs to be followed daily by all men, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This blog covers topics on health tips for men, men health tips, health care tips for men and etc.

Health Tips for Men

The health tips for men are different when compared to women. Women may need nutrients during her pregnancy and protection from breast cancer, men also need nutrients in building his body muscles, prevent from prostate cancer and etc.

Men tend to have his favorites but not all are the best from to maintain a good health. But men have to follow regular healthy diet and must do physical exercise to prevent from heart disease and cancer.
There are certain quotes from the health professionals for best health tips for men. They are listed below.

The food that is good for cardio vascular system is good for erectile function in all men - Christine Gerbstadt ( for daily health tips for men)

Nutrients good for heart can also improve the blood circulation to all parts of the body. - Gerbstadt ( for good health tips for men)

Following are the Health Tips for Men:

1. Avoid White Food:

Try to avoid using white foods in your Diet, as this helps in rapid blood sugar level, diabetes and other health problems. Avoid breads, white flour, and white sugar and try to include eating fiber rich vegetables and fruits.

2. Oysters:

Oysters help in delivering antioxidants mineral zinc to men. The mineral Zinc helps in body processes like producing DNA and also helps in repairing cells. It helps in protecting from cellular damage. The adequate zinc helps in increasing the sperm counts in the male reproductive system. Doctor advice to eat shellfish, beef, pork, legumes and etc.

3. Maintain your body weight:

It is good to maintain a healthy weight by doing regular exercise. Every day exercise will help you in reducing the heart problems, hypertension and makes you relax and comfort throughout the day.

4. Bananas:

Bananas are rich in potassium, and help in giving quick energy to all and involve in regulating nerves, heartbeat and also blood pressure. The potassium and magnesium content helps in preventing us from stroke.

Banana contains rich source of Vitamin B 6, which helps in immune system, increase in red blood cells, and nervous system. Doctor advice to take at least one banana a day as it contains potassium in it.

5. Drinking wine:

Drinking less amount of alcohol will help you against heart diseases like heart attack and lowers risk of death.

6. Fatty Fish:

Omega 3 fatty acids help in lowering triglyceride, aches, pains and prostate cancer. They help in heart functioning, blood circulation, immune system etc.

Salmon, Tuna, Herring, and Sardines has the rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Eating fish twice a week helps in increase in omega 3 fatty acids.

7. Avoid Drinking and Smoking:

Try to avoid smoking as this will help you in living a healthy lifestyle over years.

8. Broccoli:

Broccoli helps in preventing heart diseases and cancer. It is rich in Vitamin C, potassium, sulphoraphane.

9. Brazil Nuts:

Brazil Nuts are rich in magnesium and selenium, which helps in preventing heart disease, cancer, and prostate health. Selenium helps in lowering LDL, blood clots and heart diseases.

10. Whole Grains:

Intake of whole grains provides vitamins, minerals, fibers and helps in building muscles, keeping heart from any diseases. Also, helps in digestive problems.

11. Plant Stanols:

Stanols are mainly present in fresh fruits and vegetables which help in lowering the blood cholesterol levels in the body. Stanols are now added in yogurt, margarine, orange juices, granola bars and etc.
Farrell, giving the health tips as "Men should regularly include a total of 2 grams of plant Stanols, taken in two doses with meals, to help inhibit absorption of cholesterol in the intestine".

12. Soybeans:

Soybeans are rich in isoflavones, which helps in lowering prostate cancer. Everyone must eat at least 1 ounce of soybeans to decrease cholesterol.

13. Red-Orange Vegetables:

Red orange vegetables help in preventing oxidation from sun.

14. Berries or Cherries:

They are mainly for healthy lifestyle. They are rich in antioxidant and Vitamin C. Adding Berries helps in function the brain very well even at aging.

15. Visit Doctor:

It is very important to check your body every month by visiting your family doctors and nearby doctor. This will help you living a healthier lifestyle.

Friends, i do hope that this blog on health tips for men, will be very much helpful for all the men in their day to day life to lead a healthier lifestyle.


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