Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Scott Tischler Unveils 3 Healthy Eating Tips for a Busy Life Style to help with New Year's Resolutions

Scott Tischler knows all too well what it means to lead a busy life. Between being a law school student and working full time Scott is still able to eat healthy and work out daily. Scott Tischler is not a personal trainer rather Scott is someone who truly loves and believes in healthy eating and daily exercise. Scott truly believes that the secret to a healthy life style is a good combination of healthy eating and daily exercise. It can be difficult to fit in daily exercise let alone eating healthy every meal. With these healthy eating tips it can become easier to have a healthy meal.

1.    Plan ahead. One of the reasons that binge eating happens is because the body is starving for the correct nutrition. If meals are planned ahead of time then the house should always have food available. So instead of reaching for the snickers bar or chips reach for something healthy such as broccoli or chicken breasts.

2.    Cook several meals at a time. There are nights where the last thing anyone wants to do is to cook a meal from scratch. This unfortunately can lead unhealthy eating. By cooking several meals at a time a meal is as simple as heating it up in the microwave or oven.

3.    Use a cooler when going to work. By using a cooler and a few reusable icepacks not only will money be saved but it allows for healthier eating habits at work. Pack salads, greens, chicken, tuna, or anything that is healthier than a quick bite to eat through any drive through.

With these healthy eating tips eating healthy can be easier. Not only could it save lives it could also save some money. Those who complain that eating healthy is too expensive do not realize that by eating cheap and unhealthily it will cost more in the end.

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