Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tips for helping kids eat healthy

 The Health Ministry's 2006/2007 New Zealand Health Survey found one in 12 children between two and 14 were obese, and one in five children were overweight.

But how do parents get their kids to eat healthy? Is it the parents' job or is it the responsibility of our society as a whole?

An extract from Dara-Lynn Weiss's book The Heavy: A Mother's Battle Against Her Seven-Year-Old Daughter's Obesity, published on recently caused some serious debate on Weiss' approach to putting her daughter on a strict Weight Watchers-style diet.

What's your advice for getting your children to make healthy food choices? Do you get tough or should we just let kids be kids? Is it the cost of food that's making our obesity stats worse?

Click the green button to share your tips for getting young Kiwis to eat healthier.

We'll compile a list of top tips for parents from all our submissions. 


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